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Published on 16 June 2023 at 18:46

 Hello and Happy Friday!

I want to take some time to explore the importance of unplugging/ disconnecting from technology. Time boundaries are so important. It is important to take time regularly to unplug and step away from screens. Your eyes and your brains can use the break. This will also give you more opportunities for  real-life social interactions and connections. 

While technology can make life easier in so many ways, too much screen time can actually negatively impact our physical, mental and emotional health:

  • Too much time on laptops and phones encourages a sedentary lifestyle. The longer you go without exercising, the harder it is to get back into an active routine.
  • Spending too much time looking at a digital screen can disrupt your brain’s sleep cycles, leaving you feeling restless and exhausted.
  • Staring at screens for too long each day can trigger a range of vision issues including dry eyes, blurred vision and headaches.
  • Technology may actually impair parts of the brain responsible for compassion and empathy, making it harder for you to build and maintain relationships.

Benefits of unplugging:

  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Provides an opportunity to focus on appreciation and gratitude
  • Provides more time for simple pleasures
  • Reduces feelings of loneliness
  • Allows for connection with the natural world
  • Allows for opportunities for presence

If you need help getting started, try one or more of these helpful tips to unplug and find space:

  • Choose to start your day elsewhere.

Blocking out wake up time  to focus on meditation or your upcoming day will help you with your daily intentions.

  • Power-down for one period of time each day.

Choose a specific period of the day to intentionally power-down. 

    • Take one extended break on a regular basis.

    There is great value in choosing so many days each year to power-down unnecessary apps.

    More tips- The more barriers that you put in place makes it easier to change screen time habits. 

    • Eliminate gadgets for one hour before sleep and after wake up time. 
    • Turn off push notifications. 
    • Keep your phone in a drawer while you are working. 
    • Use one device for checking social media. 
    • Give yourself 30 minutes to stay connected. 
    • Allot one hour per day to respond to emails. 
    • Subscribe to your favorite website via RSS or Email. 

    Here are some journal prompts to consider in evaluating your own screen time- 

    1. What does your relationship/ use of technology look like?
    2. Do you feel you spend too much time/ too little time/ just the right amount of time using / accessing screen time- technology?
    3. Do you want to change your habits in this area?
    4. What do you think of social media platforms?
    5. Goal for unplugging during the next week? What would that look like?

    Happy unplugging and comment below if you would like to share any thoughts or goals in this area! 


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