Published on 28 July 2023 at 15:34

It can be such a hectic and task filled world! It is important to slow down and disconnect. I see an overall increase in anxiety and overwhelm in the world. I wanted to share some tips for stillness for this post- and hope you can find a moment of respit in this busy thing called life. 

Ways to practice Stillness 

1. Breathe

Taking slow , deep breaths induces the parasympathetic system and slows your heart rate. 

2. Practice when you need it

You can  practice stillness anywhere, When the moment hits you regardless of where you are. 

3. Schedule stillness

If you aren’t creating stillness spontaneously, try to schedule it and keep this time sacred. 

5. Listen to soft music

Sometimes, people are afraid of being alone with their thoughts. This is when creating more structure is helpful. One way is by listening to soft, slow music. 

6. Repeat calming phrases

Repeating calming phrases can give your stillness structure. 

  • “I am calm and still.”
  • “I can create stillness.”

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