Published on 1 November 2023 at 06:49

I began my Yoga journey a couple of years ago. I completed a 250 hour Hatha Yoga training as I learned about my practice. There are so many reasons to add a Yoga practice into your life. 

Yoga is a form of active meditation. Following a sequence of Asanas (poses) and focusing on your breath are key elements to this practice and help with the mind body connection. Developing a consistent practice is the best way to enjoy the benefits. You can do this with only a few minutes per day and it is a great nurturing gift that you can give yourself. 

Benefits of practicing Yoga- 

*Low impact exercise 

*Promotes relaxation

*Breath Control

*Improves flexibility

*Attention/ Focus

*Balance/ Posture

*Increase self confidence

*Relieves anxiety and depression

*Improves sleep 

*Increases energy

*Improves self care 

How would you start a practice?

I practice at home. My favorite YouTube yoga — "Yoga With Adriene" — includes videos for all levels. Beginners, experienced yogis, and athletes can find a video that suits them. I suggest 2 days per week as a great way to start. I challenge you to get in some comfy clothes and find a video online and just start! Remember if the intention is there, showing up is the first step and this is for you so there is no wrong way to practice! There are many different forms of Yoga so you can also try different types of classes until you find what resonates. 

Remember, it is good to get a blessing from your doctor before starting any sort of exercise routine!

Namaste, Jen





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