Published on 17 November 2023 at 14:02

Have you ever heard that you can get the outcome you desire by envisioning it as it were true? If you see it you can be it! Manifestation is envisioning what you want and putting that energy into the universe. It is a form of abundance thinking and related to The Law of Attraction. The power of positive thinking is a real thing. I have always liked the idea of intention setting. Imagining how you want the day to go or how you want to feel and checking in with yourself in order to ensure you are aligned with the intention you set for the day. 

How do you manifest what you want? Start with thinking through what you really want. You will want to set an intention and envision this happening for you. You can create a vision board and keep that in plain site and review it daily, if you can see something that symbolizes what you want, it keeps you in the proper mentality to manifest the abundant energy and frequency to attain it. You can act like you already have the thing you want and recite affirmations related to this as well. You can also journal about manifestation. Whatever you choose, be as detailed as possible and be consistent with this practice. 

What would you like to manifest as we enter 2024 really soon here?


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