A Culture of Belonging

Published on 2 June 2023 at 10:49

What is inclusion?

As we enter June know that we celebrate Pride month to publicly include all members of our families and communities who in the past had to hide who they were. While bringing more awareness during the month of June is important, we also want to be sure we are carrying this messaging through in our daily lives throughout the remainder of the year.

I consider myself an ally and strive to create a safe space for others to feel supported and cared for and to help people cope with any adversity they are facing. 

Inclusion means being included or made part of something. It includes having equal access to opportunities and resources and to be able to contribute to society without the fear of being ostracized. Having to hide who you are or feeling silenced in any way will really take a mental toll. We have a responsibility to contribute to people feeling valued and respected as individuals.

How can you contribute to more inclusion in the day to day- 

*Being mindful of communication

*Challenging stereotypes

*Avoiding assumptions

*Asking questions 

*Being aware of your own privileges

*Being proactive and educating yourself 

*Being openminded 

*Being kind 

Consider what inclusion means to you and how you would like to continue to grow in this area and contribute to a world with kindness and love. Love is Love! 

Comment below with any positive contributions! 

Be well, Jen 



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