Mid Year Vision Board

Published on 5 June 2023 at 09:53

Did you set your goals for the year and create a vision board to support them. Then maybe, you even updated your vision board due to life changes , but is it working for you? Is it time for a mid-year vision board checkup?


A mid-year checkup is a great time to look at your goals and determine if you are on the right track to meet your goals!



It's time to celebrate the goals that you did meet. Or even progress on goals during these last few difficult months. Pat yourself on the back, give yourself a high-five and even shout it out to the world if you want to. You deserve it.



Now it's time to review the goals and see if you're on track with them.



There is no shame in letting go of a goal that isn't working for you. Sometimes we cling to goals because we feel like a failure if we let go and say it's not right for us. 


How It Affects Your Vision Board

Now that you know where you stand with your goals, it's time to look at your vision board. Do you need to make just a few updates? Then you can remove some old pictures and add new ones.

Do you need to make big adjustments? Perhaps it's time to create a new vision board. There is no right or wrong time to create a vision board. And if the one you currently have isn't working for you, then it's time make a new one. I give you permission!


How Do You Update Your Vision Board?

One option is to use a permanent marker and check it off. Yes, that's right. Just check it off. You might just feel better seeing that you've accomplished something. Go ahead and check off that item on your vision board.


This option will work best for someone who likes to check things or cross things off on a to-do list. If that gives you satisfaction, seeing that you've accomplished something, then, by all means, check it off on your vision board.


The second option is for those who like to move on to the next goal. If this is you, then you are the type of person who needs to see the next goal. So, it's time to update your vision board. You can do that by finding a new picture to represent your new goal and glue that into place.


Sometimes, your original pictures might be loose enough that you can remove the old one first. Or you can just glue a new picture over the top of it. Works great if the pictures are the same size, not so great if the new picture is smaller. This is an easy fix. You can cover up the old picture first with some construction paper or old wrapping paper.


5 Ways to Set Yourself Up for a Great Second Half of the Year

1. Celebrate your wins

Start by taking a moment to reflect on and celebrate your "wins" so far.

It's natural to think of all your shortcomings - like things you may have procrastinated on or otherwise haven't yet done, and the things you have done that haven't gone as well as you'd like. But that won't serve you well.


Accomplishing great things is done by breaking them into smaller chunks and congratulating yourself and your team on the mini-wins along the way. This helps you set yourself up to have a winning mindset - celebrate all wins, even the small ones! 


2. Appreciate the people in your life

As you look back, think about all the people who have helped you along the way. These are people who have stood by you, given you support or advice, and advocated for you. They're also people who have done the work that needed doing whether at work or at home.

Be generous in acknowledging the people around you for their contributions. And above all, let them know you appreciate them and share why you do. Being specific makes it more real for both of you whereas a general "thank you" can seem less genuine.

People matter. Relationships matter. When you're good to people, it'll come around.


3. Identify your second-half wins

Looking ahead to the rest of the year, think about ways to approach it with positivity. A great way to do that is to identify the three "wins" you want to have in the second half of the year. When you're identifying these wins, fast-forward to December when you're looking back on the year and tap into what would make you feel great if you had done those things.


4. Create the conditions for your success

Having identified your future wins, it's then about creating the conditions for your success. This means doing the planning and preparation now to make it easy for you to execute later.

Maybe it's simply cleaning up your workspace. Or reconnecting with people you haven't contacted in a while, but who could be instrumental in your next steps and vice versa. Or it could be signing up for some training or arranging for coaching or mentoring that will help you hit the ground running for your next phase.

Do whatever it takes to set yourself up for your future wins.


5. Show up as your best self

The final piece of having a great second half is about you. Yes, you - that unique and extraordinary person who is about to have an awesome second half of the year!

Think about how you want to show up in the world. Think about who you are when you're at your best. Really tap into that best version of your self. What are you doing and saying? What environment brings that out? Who are you with (and who are you not with)?


Then make two lists.


The first list is what you want to do or say MORE of.


The second list is what you want to do or say LESS of.


These are your lists and you get to choose what goes on them and how many items there are. 


No matter how the first half of your year has gone, you owe it to yourself to set yourself up for success and finish the year strong.


How will you set yourself up for an awesome second half of the year, and which of these five steps will most move the needle for you? Share below! 


Happy Vision boarding! Jen 

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