Published on 16 October 2023 at 06:53

Perfectionism is the need to appear perfect and to often believe that perfection is attainable.  By seeking perfection you are placing an unrealistic expectation on yourself as no one is perfect and it is simply not possible to be perfect. This places a high expectation on yourself and often others.  Perfectionism often includes all or nothing thinking, with no room for mistakes or anything less than "perfection". Often driven by fear of making mistakes , not being good enough or worthy, as a way to avoid criticism,  or a fear of rejection or abandonment. You will never feel good enough when you are chasing perfection. If you think you may be caught in a cycle with trying to be perfect, I challenge you to find the "joy of just ok".  You are already showing up as the best version of yourself. 

Signs and Symptoms- 

* all or nothing thinking/ behavior

* defensive

*unrealistic standards

* critical of others

* craving approval

* obsessive behaviors - correcting/ list making/ checking 

Tips for overcoming perfectionism- 

* Challenge all or nothing thoughts and behaviors

* Be gentle with yourself/ self compassion

*Set realistic goals and expectations

* Evaluate  the rules you have for yourself/ others 

*Allow for mistakes 


* I am ok 

*I am worthy and valuable

*I release the need to be perfect

*I give myself permission to learn and grow

*I allow for mistakes

*I give myself permission to ask for help and support 

Remember that is is important to recognize the bigger picture and take note of all that you are moment to moment. We are not defined by our accomplishments or productivity. Challenge any all or nothing thoughts and beliefs that come up and work on establishing realistic expectations for yourself and others. Ok is enough. Self esteem and confidence will increase as you are more gentle with yourself and others , finding the "JOY IN OK". 

Be Beyond Well, 


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