Theme for the year 2024!

Published on 7 January 2024 at 06:15

Hello dear ones, this week I wanted to explore a concept, creating a theme for the new year. We are a week into the new year and maybe you have been working on intentions and resolutions. A theme is a great concept for you to come up with an over arching idea for what you want 2024 to look like and how you want to show up in the world. You can create a theme professionally or personally or both, and these will overlap and bleed into all areas of your life. 

How can a theme work for you?

Think about your values and what resonates with you for the life you want to live- how you want to feel, respond, show up in the world, and what you want to learn, gain , and accomplish. We can use fitness as an example; if a person wants to lose 30 pounds as a new years resolution and starts a gym membership- lets look at that on a larger scale. Maybe the person wants to become more fit overall, we would think about the reasons why and what is important. In doing this the theme for the year could be "Become more fit, fitness 2024". And then within the theme we can explore what this means and break this down into different areas for ourselves. An overall theme of fitness could include strength, fueling the body, motivation, habits, consistency, improved self esteem, positive body image- and many other factors/ benefits. So you can see how these traits that come from a theme of "fitness" would carry over into other areas of your life. 

How to select a theme? 

Can you think about the prior year and what adversities came up for you ? Was there an overall wish that you had in hoe you showed up in the world? Was there a perspective you noticed across areas of your life that felt like if you shifted something, the rest would fall into place or come with more ease? You can brainstorm words and phrases and find things that resonate that may feel good to you and then you can decide on a theme for 2024. 

My theme is " Zen 2024". I will focus on presence and more simplicity and I am looking forward to creating my theme as a vision board as we get this new year started. 

And remember, we can refresh and reset and shift at any moment. Take small steps to get where you are going , you are already showing up as the best version of yourself! 

Be well, Jen 

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