Slippery slope of symptoms

Published on 21 January 2024 at 07:33

Hello dear ones, this week I wanted to look at how to take the best care of yourself. It is so important to stay on top of self care and the things you do that keep you functioning at your best. It is good to be aware of triggers and signs that symptoms may be increasing or returning. I think the concept of prescription of self care and optimal mental health are unique to each individual. Knowing yourself and what you need to do to feel your best is so necessary- and following through with it. And do know, with mental health that there are times you are doing everything right and you still may have a recourse of symptoms, we are human and things will be up and down and cycles will happen. 

I am a big proponent of meeting basic needs. This would include sleep, nutrition, hygiene, hydration- and even connection- all those basic things can be hard to do well consistently. Know- If you are hungry, angry, lonely, and tired you are more vulnerable to whatever stressors and adversities come your way. There are times when you will have poor eating habits or a few nights of poor sleep- but overall working on good boundaries with yourself to take care of these basic areas is a win. 

I am also a fan of being proactive. If there are busy times ahead, make sure you are ready for it- plan your meals and breaks.  Access your support system- ask for help or just have someone to talk to. Make sure you keep on top of doctor appointments and adulting  tasks that need to be done. If you notice you are feeling overwhelmed in any of this , then that is a sign to slow down and see what you need at that moment, what need is not being met. There are also times of year that may be difficult for you, being aware of this and what you can do to get through those times - get through - NOT push through- is ideal. 

What can be done for accountability ? Lets say you know your cycles and what the triggers are for your symptoms. Catching things early is key. For example- If you notice your sleep is getting worse, you are skipping meals, or that you are feeling stressed then reset and do not let it go on for too long. Maybe you need to talk to a support, use an APP for tracking some of these things, talk to a therapist- whatever will help to keep you motivated and following through.  

There are times when things will feel like "too much". This is a sure sign to keep things simple yet consistent. Whatever it is ,do something nice for yourself. 

Some ideas-

Take your walk, but make it a short one

eat a good meal

take a day off from technology

get some sunshine

drink a cold glass of water

Finally , perspective is key. Thoughts can become stressful and more negative when having a hard time with mental health. Try to remember that thoughts are not facts and that this is temporary. The more you are able to take care of yourself and learn what your needs are in good and adverse moments the better you will feel. You may not be able to avoid having these experiences, but you can accept this as a part of you and continue to learn and grow through everything. 

Be well, Jennifer 



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