The only way out is through

Published on 3 March 2024 at 08:42

Feelings can be so uncomfortable! Have you ever heard "Sometimes the only way out is through". Feelings are fluid and temporary, and if you stay with whatever feeling you are having it will pass. You can do hard things. We learn how to process and communicate feelings from our early experiences and from how others process - or do not process- things around us. People have different ways of expressing and processing feelings. Some people are very communicative and some people bottle things up. Others try to fix whatever may be going on and change the way they are feeling. 

I say - feel it, and sit through it. Will it be uncomfortable? Probably! It is important to know all feelings are valid and real and deserve to be felt. There are not good and bad feelings. Feelings are not all or nothing, it is not ok to feel some and not the others- that is not healthy and that is not the way. If you consider mindfulness in this concept , being present without judgement is key- so notice and acknowledge the feeling, tell yourself "I am feeling thi certain way and that is ok", breathe through it - in with the good energy and out with the bad, and do something that is self soothing. Start small with this practice and as you notice that you do get through these experiences it will get easier and you can get through harder things.


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