Check in with yourself

Published on 17 March 2024 at 08:00

How many of us check in with ourselves to see how we are doing? I love this concept and actually learned it from a therapist several years ago. It is so easy to get swept away on auti pilot throughtout the days and weeks. It is important to slow down and check in with yourself , I say several times a day. Doing so intentionally will help you with getting back in tune with your body and what you need.

This is an easy practice to start, You can start to check in with yourself mentally- How is my focus? Do I need a break or a mental reset right now?; Check in with yourself physically- How am I feeling physically? Am I hungry, thirsty, tired?; Check in with yourself emotionally- How am I doing  emotionally?  Am I calm, overwhelmed, happy? By slowing day a few times a day and asking these questions you will start to recognize the cues in your body. It is important to honor your body with whatever the check in reveals and take the time to give yourself what you need. It may be hard to slow down, but it is necessary to realize by doing this practice you will feel more equipped and you will be more productive rather than pushing through and not taking care of yourself. You are worth this time and worth taking care of! 

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