This Therapists Favorites

Published on 24 March 2024 at 15:25

There are so many amazing resourves out there! The online world can be unlimited knowledge at our fingertips. I love finding things- blogs/ podcasts/ articles/ workouts...... so many things! 

This week I thought I would share some faorites and encourage you to explore as well. It is so good to curate your feed and media consumption to good positive things! 

Here's to some of the goodies I have found - consider these my gems - things that I revisit! 


1. Very Well Mind is a great site for all things mental health - good  sources and easy to navigate. 


2.  Yoga with Adriene is a great site and she she has a free youtube channel - good for all things YOGI!

3. Very Well Health is a great site for all things health- good sources and easy to navigate.


1. Soul and Wit

2. Meditation Mountain

3. Madison Mindset

4. Love Your Life


1, I am

2. Insight Timer

3. One Moment Meditation

4. Habit Tracker

5. Fit on

Books Non Fiction -

1. Set Boundaries Find Peace

2. Atomic Habits

3. Radical Acceptance

4. Empath's Survival Guide


Happy exploring! 

Best, Jen 


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