Published on 31 March 2024 at 06:00

What do you think of when you hear values? I think of "the things that are important to a person". Have you ever considered that values should define your boundaries? If not allowing your values to guide your boundaries then you may be out of alignment and you may feel conflicted. If not holding boundaries/ rules for yourself you are not protecting your physical and mental health. 

You may need to start with identifying what you value. What is important to you ? Once you feel clarity with identifying your values, then you can start to consider how to protect your values. Taking care of yourself is important so that you can protect what is important to you. 

When I think of alignment, I think of actions matching your values. Boundaries will protect these values.......

You can ask yourself questions to reflect on this- 

* Is this thought/ action supporting what is important to me?

* Is this thought / action supporting what I want to accomplish?

* Is this thought / action moving me in the direction of alignment?

* Is this thought/ action protecting what I value? 

* Is this thought/ action what I really want to be thinking/ doing? 


Think about what rules/ boundaries you may need for yourself to align with what you value. See what small steps you can take to honor and protect your values. 



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